September 17, 2021

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Viva Air Peru is certified as the First and Only Airline in Peru with Biosecure Operations

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Viva Airlines Peru S.A.C. Obtains the certificate granted by ICONTEC of Bioseguras Operations. This allows the airline to provide security and confidence to passengers during this time of social distancing due to CODVID-19.

In his Linkedin account, the CEO of Viva Air Peru Stephen Rapp commented

On behalf of the entire Viva Air Peru team, I proudly celebrate being the first and only airline in the country to obtain the ‘Biosecurity Operations’ certification awarded by ICONTEC.

We received this Biosafety certificate after months of hard work, strengthening our protocols and structuring new strategies … all for the well-being, health and tranquility of our travelers and collaborators.

This certification means that at Viva we comply with all the necessary requirements to take care of our travelers at every step of their journey.

Remember that in Viva we have the most technological planes with HEPA filters that purify the air we breathe, in addition, we clean with disinfectants after each flight, at the end of the operation and deep disinfection every 15 days. Our crew is highly professional and is trained to attend to any novelty. Travel calmly, at Viva we take care of you!

Linkedin by Stephen Rapp

We attach the certificate granted to Viva Air

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