September 17, 2021

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Airports of Peru presents the Technical File for the Investment in the Rehabilitation of the Air Side and the Investment in the Optimization of the Perimeter Fence of the Iquitos Airport

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These works will require an investment of approximately US $ 85 million and will make it possible to improve the security level of the commercial air terminal operations.
Airports of Peru (AdP), a company belonging to the Sandoval Group, presented to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and to the Supervisory Body of Investment in Public Use Transport Infrastructure (OSITRAN), the Technical File (ETE) for Investment of Rehabilitation of the Air Side and Investment of Optimization of the Perimeter Fence of the Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta Airport in Iquitos, whose works will require an investment of approximately US $ 85 million.
This study will be reviewed by the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Public Use Transportation Infrastructure (OSITRAN), for subsequent approval by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, in line with existing regulations.
The technical file includes the detailed engineering that will allow the execution of the rehabilitation works of the runway, taxiways and aircraft apron with the corresponding visual aids system (lights and signals) that will ensure the continuity of night flights. All the grounds of the runway end security areas, runway strips and taxiway strips will also be leveled, and an efficient drainage system will be built to be able to adequately evacuate rainwater, thus protecting the pavements of the airport.
The scope of the project also includes the construction of a perimeter fence with its respective perimeter road and lighting along the entire perimeter of the Airport, which will improve the security conditions of civil aviation.
For his part, Evans Avendaño, General Manager of AdP, indicated that these works will make it possible to fully improve the level of security, the operating conditions of the Iquitos airport, as well as the service quality standards.

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