December 5, 2022

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ABS2Fly Launches Program That Seeks To Train Pilots From Zero Hours To Commercial Pilot In 7 Months

Aviation Business School S.A.C. which operates under the ABS2Fly brand, part of the holding 2Fly based in Merrit Island, Florida in the USA, launches the most aggressive program in the market. He does a super intensive program that promises to graduate inexperienced students to commercial pilots in just 7 months. Among the advantages of studying at school are:

  1. Private aerodrome; located in Nuevo Cañete in the Department of Lima where the progression of flight hours can be made.
  2. Accommodation included. There is no additional payment since you can live in the facilities that will be covered by the school.
  3. Live aviation every day. Living in the Revalora facilities allows you to be in constant contact with aviation without external distractions.
  4. Duration of the Career. The school has a flexible plan that allows you to advance your progression according to your needs and you can go from zero hours to commercial pilot up to 7 months .
  5. Work with ABS2Fly . The PRO-PILOT Program & nbsp; is a comprehensive program that allows you to become an instructor and start as a Junior instructor and go & nbsp; career line & nbsp; to chief of instruction.
  6. Scholarships . The school promotes scholarships to students who start their programs as pilots to become instructors, covering & nbsp; up to 40 of the hours to be an instructor.
  7. Pilot with a global vision . Being PROFESSIONAL PILOT does not only mean flying. It is also to see that the operations that exist behind so that a flight is safe and in our aerodrome you will be able to know every aspect.

The next start of classes will be on January 11, 2020. For more information you can fill out the contact form by clicking here or by calling +51 910 491 845.