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[Interview] [Wingo] We spoke with the general director of Wingo Carolina Cortizo

Carolina Cortizo, General Director of Wingo has had a chat with us where we have talked about the current situation of wingo, and various topics.

Thank you very much Carolina and I hope you enjoy this talk.

1 – How is the situation today in Wingo?
Although we have seen demand contracted for issues related to the different peaks of the pandemic throughout the region, at Wingo we are aiming at stimulating the markets with our unique combination of low prices, flexibility, security and good vibes. .

2 -We have grown, sustainably, in fact; We expanded our network of destinations, with the addition of 3 national routes (Bogotá-Cali; Bogotá-Santa Marta and Bogotá-Medellín) and 5 international routes (Medellín-Cancún; Medellín-Punta Cana; Cali-Cancún, Bogotá-Lima and Panama -Saint Joseph). In this way, today we have a network of 28 routes, of which 19 are international; and we have established ourselves as the largest low cost airline in Colombia in terms of destinations operated abroad.

Currently, we have around 80% of the takeoffs that we had before the pandemic, although with an important special condition and that is that we have two more aircraft (6 in total) and a larger fleet in terms of seats. Compared to the chairs we offered before the pandemic, we are offering 100% more capacity to the market.

3- How was 2020 what teaching has left you?
2020 has been the most difficult year in the history of commercial aviation. Nobody was prepared for a pandemic that would put our aircraft on the ground for a period of about seven months, without any type of operation and with minimal income. As of September, we began our reactivation in favor of the sustainability of the company, and we set ourselves the task of reducing even more costs in order to ensure the future of the business; To do this, we also resort to agility and flexibility to understand changes and adapt to the new needs of all travelers in the region.

The main lesson in the midst of a situation like the one we are experiencing is that the priority will always be the health and safety of travelers and collaborators; and that as a company we must maintain our focus on people, always put them at the center of our decisions and empathize with them in order to be a brand that accompanies them, supports them and makes them feel good.

4- 2021 is a very unstable year at the borders, why did Wingo bet on the international market?
Since Wingo’s arrival on the market, we have been the low-cost airline with international destinations par excellence and it is precisely the knowledge of this market that we will continue to put at the service of the entire region.

Undoubtedly, Wingo, as a low-cost model, plays an important role in reviving the airline industry and economies, as people are looking for affordable rates to continue with their travel plans. We know that we are the ones called to give access and democratize air transport, especially abroad, with low prices, quality, professionalism and safety.

5-We know about the negotiations with Armenia, is there a possibility that in 2021 Wingo will be flying to Armenia? What would be the destination?
We are constantly exploring new markets that work for our route network and low-cost model. We are studying this destination, along with others, since our aim is to meet the unattended demand by offering the best quality, affordable prices and a friendly experience that is worth repeating and recommending. However, we are still under review of these new destinations.

6- Is it in the plans to recover the destinations such as San Juan de Puerto Rico that Wingo had projected before the pandemic?
Currently, we continue to review various destinations throughout the region to continue our #ModoWingo. We have not yet made new decisions regarding new destinations, but we will communicate it as soon as it is confirmed.

7- How many Wingo planes do you plan to have by the end of the year?
During the pandemic, we replaced all of our aircraft and changed the B737-700 model to the B737-800, in addition we welcomed two new aircraft, thus increasing our seating capacity in the market by 100%. We plan to close the year with 8 aircraft.

8- What was it that led you to advance the start of operations in Medellín Cancún?
We do not advance our operations on this route. We started the operation as planned from the moment we launched the route for sale, becoming the first low cost in Colombia to fly nonstop between Medellín and Cancun.

9 -Is there a projection for destinations such as Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Miami?
Our model focuses on travelers and their needs; That is why we have everything necessary to meet the demand for flights in the region and reach markets that make sense for our business model. For now, we continue to evaluate possible new routes throughout the entire region.

10 – How do you see Wingo in the coming years?
The airline industry continues to recover height after being forced to land by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the recovery is slow, Wingo’s Low Cost model wears this new phase in a strategic and forward-looking manner, always focusing on keeping our costs as low as possible while we continue to offer all our good vibes.

Our people-centered model will play a relevant role in the revival of the industry because consumers are very concerned about their personal finances, and our low rates are well positioned to meet this need, stimulating the demand for travel; so I believe that Wingo will continue to be the favorite wings of Latin America as we continue to bring our #ModoWingo to many more cities in the region.

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