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[Viva Air] The story of the pink plane carrying a message.

For a couple of decades now, many airlines have been seen having an airplane painted pink; alluding to the fight against breast cancer and, in this case, I will refer to viva’s pink A320-CEO named Claudia Obando. Which, crosses the skies of Peru and Colombia. So I want to tell a little bit of your story.

It begins with one of the founders of the Viva Air company, William Shaw where his mother suffered from breast cancer. After this family situation, Willian Jam, was very committed to the subject of the disease, until one day a flight attendant of the airline also, had reported that he suffered from this disease. That’s where the idea comes from, to make a badge of the fight against breast cancer; painting a plane in pink, in order to carry a message of importance of self-examination, to protect against breast cancer, which affects both men and women.

Then, the idea was carried out, to paint the plane pink and it was decided that it would bear the name of the flight attendant, in her honor, Claudia Obando.That today, she is happily recovered from the disease and continues to fly on the airline Viva.

Information of the Airbus 320 Rosa de Viva AIr.
Registration of the aircraft HK5273
Arrival in Bogotá from Toulouse October 24.
Aircraft age 2.0 years .
Configuration 188 seats Y (Economy)

Photos and credits @jsbetancur83 and alejandro thanks to both

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