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[ Colombia ] Avianca requests routes from Medellin.

Avianca Airline presented itself to the Civil Aeronautics. of Colombia, requesting authorization to operate the following route: Medellín (MDE) – Mexico City (MDE) – Medellin (MDE). It has been asked to exploit the third and fourth freedom that would be to transport passengers cargo and mail from both directions asked to fly 7 weekly frequencies on Airbus 319/320 Let us then wait for the authorisation of this route.

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[Colombia] Avianca adds destination in Europe

As of July 2, 2021, Avianca will resume a very important destination to its network in Europe: it will reconnect the El Dorado International Airport, in Bogotá, with the El Prat International Airport, in Barcelona. The flights will be operated 3 times a week in an Airbus 330-200 equipment configured with 252 chairs: 30 in business and 222 in economy class. Remember that the itineraries can be modified for reasons of public knowledge but are already on sale in https://www.avianca.com/ We will detail the itinerary: flight Route exit arrival frequency…

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[Urgente Chile] Border closure extended

The closure of borders in Chile has been extended again, until June 30, 2021. What is permitted by an authorization from the commissioner (www.comisariavirtual.cl)are the following trips: Trip of no return to chile. If you have to travel for some health reason. If you are an essential activity for the country. Humanitarian situation. Any type of information, we ask you please, to contact the airline.

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