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And what do you collect?

Everyone in life collects objects that are related to those we are passionate about. In my case, as you will see, it is the is Aviation: I collect Lanyards, that many will wonder what a lanyard is? A lanyard is called a cord to grab something, in case aviation is related to the credential as an employee.

I don’t work for any airline, but my passion and hobby is collecting them; I have about 130 and I need to update them as I have got some new ones. And yes, I’m missing many airlines that I want to have 😀

I have them organized by alliances, low cost, if they have alliance, Freighters, manufacturers and airlines that have disappeared.

Once I was at an airport, the base of an airline, I checked all the doors of the company’s offices to see if they could give me one and I was able to achieve it.

Again it happened to me in Paris, at the headquarters of another Airline and just walked in where all the staff was and asked if they could help me with my collection, they told me that they did not have to give me one but a pilot who was leaving turned, took out the pendant and gave it to me and said Don’t worry , is your fanaticism

Sometimes people don’t understand bigotry, I used one a week, but I was so sorry that I let them use them.

Anyway and you’re a fan of? what do you collect related to aviation? If you want to write telling it, do not hesitate!!!

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