Airline Now Sells Your Plane Food in Supermarkets

Whoever believed it, sell plane food in supermarkets; Behind this creative decision, the airline found a way not to terminate its workers' contracts dedicated to drawing up the best dishes served during Finnish airline Finnair flights.

Each dish costs between 10 and 13 euros (12 to 16 dollars) and is a mixture of Nordic and Japanese cuisine that at the current juncture, represents an alternative to the large boom that takeaways experience, due to work at home.

Reindeer meatballs, arctic trout and veal in teriyaki sauce are some of the dishes offered.

The sale of airline Finnair's plane meal began since last October, reaching acceptable levels of popularity among supermarket customers.

The menu offered by Finnair in supermarkets is the same as that served in the business class of its aircraft on international flights.

Source: Juan Antonio Delguy

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