Aerodrome de Máncora corrects its name and becomes Aerodrome de Punta Sal

Today, November 8, the destination of Wayra Peru flight WY 2156 bound for Máncora was corrected to be Punta Sal. This is due to the fact that despite the fact that the airfield located a few meters from the center of Máncora is crossing the Máncora Bridge. This bridge marks the boundary between the department of Piura and Tumbes, between the provinces of Talara Contralmirante Villar and the districts of Máncora and Canoas de Punta Sal.

Therefore, geographically, the Walter Braed Segú aerodrome is located in the department of Tumbes, District of Contralmirante Villar and in the province of Canoas de Punta Sal. Despite being located near Máncora.

However, despite the name, it cannot be denied that the project is generating a great change in tourism in the region and allowing aviation to advance and diversify. This has been just a name change but the project continues, allowing everyone to be closer to the best beaches in Peru.

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