Aerodiana reinvents itself

Due to the situation of the Aerodina pandemic, the airline that was in charge of providing tourist flights to the Nazca lines reinvents itself and provides a new service for the transportation of passengers, cargo and medical evacuations from:

Tarapoto to San Lorenzo, Tocache, Tingo María, Pucallpa, Contamana, Iquitos and Yurimaguas

Pucallpa to Contamana, Breu, Atalaya, Perús and Bolognesi

Iquitos to Angamos, Estrecho and San Lorenzo

A few days ago, the Minister of Culture, Alejandro Neyra, reported that the tourist overflights to the Nasca Lines could be resumed as of November 10; however, this awaits ratification by the authorities of the Transport sector.

Aerodiana has Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft with a capacity for 12 passengers with which it has operated overflights over the Nazca Lines in recent years, departing from the Pisco airport and the Ica and Nazca aerodromes.

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