ABS2Fly, a new Peruvian subsidiary school of the 2fly holding company, will build a 2000m2 aeronautical campus and hangar

Aviation Club Center News had an exclusive interview with the directors of the Aviation Business School that are part of the international holding company 2Fly, which has several branches around the world and operates the ABS2Fly brand in Peru.

The school was already several weeks ago in meetings with a company that is dedicated to the construction of hangars and they shared with us the detail and plans of the hangar that has a finish and inspiration in the 2Fly hangar that is located in Merrit Island, Florida , USA.

To begin, ABS2Fly has planned the construction of a large 2000 square meter hangar with two levels and with administrative blocks within the 10m x 40m hangar. This would make the school have two levels with 800 square meters of administrative area. On the other hand, the hangar will be the first of its kind to belong to an aviation school, which will provide a standard in infrastructure at the level of European and American schools in Peru.

In addition, the project plans to expand the current facilities and build a university-style campus with recreation areas for students to live within the aerodrome. This concept of the aeronautical campus is unique in Peru and one of the few that exists in South America.

Currently the ABS2Fly school and the project is located at the Revalora aerodrome, in the province of Cañete in Nuevo Cañete in the Department of Lima, Peru. At Aviation Club Center News we will closely follow the progress of the project and will inform you by this means.

Reporter: Carlos García

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