SKY Airline Says Goodbye to its Last Airbus A319 Plane

SKY Airline has good and sad news. The sad thing is that in the next few days it will be the last flight of the Airbus A319 (the only one of its kind in SKY) to leave Chile and the airline.

The good news is that with the retirement of this aircraft, SKY Airline becomes the first airline in the world to operate only the latest generation Airbus 320 NEO aircraft.

The registration of the latter A319 is CC-AIY and it entered SKY Airlines in 2012. The last flight in service was on March 17 and its route was Santiago-Arica-Santiago. Currently the aircraft is at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago de Chile and its next destination is the United States.

Thank you very much CC-AIY for your services in SKY Airline.

Source: Juan Antonio Delguy

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